The Arnott’s Group (Australia)

Streamlining Carbon Emissions Management with Below Baseline

The Challenge

Arnott’s, a leading Australian food company, faced the challenge of effectively monitoring and managing its carbon emissions across various scopes. Manual reporting processes were time-consuming, and their existing system lacked the flexibility and scalability required to align operations with sustainability goals. They needed a robust solution to track, report, and manage their emissions efficiently.

The Solution

The Below Baseline team implemented the Microsoft Sustainability Manager and Below Baseline solutions. This comprehensive platform provided real-time tracking of carbon emissions across all scopes, specifically customised to Arnott’s unique requirements.


The solution was integrated with various data sources, including Microsoft SharePoint, allowing Arnott’s to “bring their own data source”. This ensured seamless data ingestion, with automated workflows to save data from shared email inboxes, portals, external APIs, and forms.


To meet regulatory compliance, the solution incorporated NGERS (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System) emission factors from Below Baseline. This ensured adherence to Australian Clean Energy regulator standards by incorporating future updates to emission factors and calculations.

The Results

After implementing Below Baseline, Arnott’s experienced a significant improvement in their sustainability management:

  • Enhanced Tracking and Reporting: Real-time tracking and immediate reporting capabilities allowed for more accurate and timely decision-making regarding sustainability initiatives.
  • Scalable Solution: The customised and scalable solution allowed Arnott’s to adapt to changes in sustainability priorities and business operations easily.
  • Improved Transparency and Culture: The system encouraged data transparency, fostering a culture of sustainability within Arnott’s. Employees were more aware of the company’s sustainability goals, contributing to a change in operations to meet these targets.

Through the implementation of Below Baseline, Arnott’s successfully streamlined their carbon emissions management, enabling more accurate tracking, efficient reporting, and better alignment with sustainability goals. The solution provided the necessary scalability and flexibility for future growth, driving a culture of transparency and sustainability within the organisation.