Our Solution

Driving Sustainability Below Baseline

Comprehensive visibility into sustainability performance

Built on Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Our solution is designed to assist organisations in recording, reporting, and reducing their carbon emissions, aligning them with the global sustainability goals.

Comprehensive Integration

Our cutting-edge solution offers a seamless and integrated approach to emissions reporting and sustainability management, purposefully developed for Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

Custom Compliance

With Below Baseline, you can expect customised emission factors, precise calculations, advanced AI models, and regular updates to ensure compliance and the highest level of accuracy.

Streamlined Processes

Simplify your processes with our streamlined approach. Below Baseline optimises data collection, analysis, and reporting, while effortlessly aligning with global and local regulatory frameworks.

Goal Tracking

Our platform enables efficient goal-setting and progress tracking through intuitive scorecards and interactive dashboards, fostering collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

Organisational Challenges Addressed

Organisations today face significant challenges in achieving sustainability goals. Fragmented and siloed data sources, time-consuming manual processes, evolving regulatory frameworks are just some of the key obstacles. Below Baseline’s centralised platform integrates data sources, automates tasks, ensures regulatory compliance, enhances data accuracy, and provides comprehensive visibility into sustainability performance.

Fragmented and siloed data sources

Below Baseline tackles the issue of fragmented and siloed data sources by providing a centralised platform that integrates and harmonises data from various systems and sources. This eliminates data silos and enables a unified view of sustainability information.

Time-consuming manual processes

Below Baseline automates repetitive tasks, such as data collection, analysis, and reporting, saving valuable time and resources. This allows organisations to focus on strategic initiatives and drive sustainable outcomes.

Adherence to multiple and evolving regulatory frameworks

Below Baseline provides customisable compliance features and continuous updates, ensuring that organisations can accurately report their emissions and stay compliant with changing regulations.

Ensuring data accuracy and transparency for internal and external stakeholders

Our solution incorporates robust data validation mechanisms and ensures data integrity throughout the reporting process. This instils confidence in both internal and external stakeholders, enhancing trust and accountability.

Limited visibility and understanding of sustainability performance

Below Baseline offers intuitive dashboards, reports, and analytics, providing organisations with actionable insights and a deeper understanding of their sustainability performance. This enables informed decision-making and empowers organisations to drive continuous improvement.

With Below Baseline, organisations can overcome these hurdles, make informed decisions, and drive meaningful change towards a sustainable future.

Key Features

Custom Emission Factors

Tailored global and local regulated emission factors for accurate reporting.

Regulatory Calculations

Custom regulatory-based calculations to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

Continuous Updates

We keep the solution up-to-date with future emission factors and calculation models.

Seamless Implementation

Efficient data pipelines and integration with existing systems.

AI-Powered Bill Recognition

Enhance the quality of data input with our advanced AI models for accurate bill report recognition.

Goals and Scorecards

Easily track and manage sustainability targets with our intuitive goals and scorecards functionality.

Transparent reporting

Visually display emissions data on your website via our customer Power BI reporting solution.


Enhanced Data Visibility

Gain a comprehensive and holistic view of sustainability data, empowering informed decision-making and effective goal management. With improved visibility, organisations can identify trends, patterns, and opportunities to drive meaningful change.

Efficient Reporting

Streamline your reporting process with automated compliance reporting. By automating time-consuming tasks, Below Baseline frees up valuable resources, allowing you to focus on strategic sustainability initiatives and making a greater impact.

Continuous Improvement

Leverage benchmarking and advanced analytics capabilities provided by Below Baseline to continuously refine your energy and sustainability strategies. By analysing data and identifying areas for improvement, you can optimise resource usage, reduce emissions, and enhance overall sustainability performance.

Case Study

The Arnott’s Group (Australia)

Streamlining Carbon Emissions Management with Below Baseline

Arnott’s, a leading Australian food company, faced the challenge of effectively monitoring and managing its carbon emissions across various scopes. Manual reporting processes were time-consuming, and their existing system lacked the flexibility and scalability required to align operations with sustainability goals. They needed a robust solution to track, report, and manage their emissions efficiently.