Driving Sustainability Forward: Introducing Below Baseline

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In a world where sustainability is not merely a buzzword but a business imperative, managing carbon emissions has evolved from a corporate social responsibility exercise to a strategic function. It is a crucial determinant in shaping an organisation’s image, market positioning, and long-term viability. As the climate crisis intensifies, businesses worldwide grapple with the mammoth task of accurately tracking, analysing, and reporting their carbon emissions. Enter Below Baseline: a state-of-the-art solution that simplifies and automates emissions management, helping organisations navigate the challenging landscape of sustainability reporting.

Understanding Below Baseline

Below Baseline is a dynamic, user-friendly emissions management solution built on the robust Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. A brainchild of industry experts and seasoned energy consultants, Below Baseline aims to make sustainability management seamless, precise, and efficient. It helps organisations measure, track, and report their scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, aligning with various national and international emissions reporting standards.


But that’s not all. Below Baseline goes a step further by empowering businesses to set emission reduction targets, providing them with real-time scorecards that update as new data is ingested. These interactive dashboards offer valuable insights into an organisation’s emissions footprint, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

Addressing the Sustainability Challenge

In today’s data-intensive world, one of the key challenges organisations face in emissions management is the laborious task of gathering, validating, and analysing vast amounts of emissions data. Typically, this process involves numerous team members wading through countless spreadsheets and PDFs – a tedious and error-prone exercise.


Below Baseline addresses this pain point head-on by automating the entire process. It leverages an organisation’s existing data sources, offering automated workflows that can save data sent to shared email inboxes, external APIs, or forms. This automation translates into significant time and resource savings, allowing teams to focus more on strategic sustainability initiatives.

Who is Below Baseline For?

Below Baseline is designed for any organisation that is committed to achieving sustainability goals and adhering to emissions reporting standards. Whether you are a small business looking to start your sustainability journey or a multinational corporation seeking to streamline your existing emissions management processes, Below Baseline is equipped to cater to your needs. It is particularly beneficial for organisations that need to comply with rigorous reporting standards like the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme.

Below Baseline is more than just a tool; it is a comprehensive emissions management solution that bridges the gap between sustainability aspirations and action. It is designed to support businesses at every stage of their sustainability journey, helping them move from awareness to accountability, and from commitment to tangible results. With Below Baseline, embracing sustainability becomes not just a possibility, but a simplified reality.